I am an educator, writer and advocate for the equitable treatment of learners of all ages. Though I did not intend to become a teacher in college, my familial roots reclaimed me to the profession in 2008 when I realized I spent as much time coaching, mentoring, and teaching children as I did in my role as an SEO-specialist at a media and marketing firm. I believe that every person is capable of learning, and this belief is the reason I chose to serve as a teacher.  I strove to reach young people through writing programs and the arts as an educator, volunteer, and associate of advocate organizations while in Arkansas. Though I currently reside in a different state, I intend to continue to advocate for and support learners in every state I will call home these next ten years. Now that I have some extra time on my hands, (surprisingly there is not that much more free time in being a stay at home partner), I also plan to explore concepts and topics that interest or concern me. Though I my not officially work for a school district, I still consider myself an educator dedicated to the service of mentoring and teaching the next generation of leaders for our world.